OIL of EGG - Alchemically Prepared - Batch #2

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Oil of Egg is renowned for its ability to rejuvenate skin and enrich the complexion. It has also been used for the accelerated healing of skin afflictions and injuries, ranging from cracked lips, cuts and wounds, to severe burns and scarring – even necrotic flesh!

A must have in any medicine cabinet, Oil of Egg can also be incorporated into ointments, lotions and balms.

MATERIALS: Egg yolk oil. Packaged in one fluid dram (4 ml) clear glass bottle.
DOSAGE: For external use. Not intended for human consumption.
SHIPS worldwide from South-East Asia.

*This batch of Oil of Egg will be completed and shipping will commence on Monday 06 April 2021. Only a limited number of one fluid dram bottles will be prepared. Pre-orders are essential.


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