IMMUNE ESSENTIALS PACK: Amalaki, Astragalus and Chrysanthemum

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Nourish the body’s natural defence systems, boost overall immune function + build resistance to illness and disease with Mare Maia’s IMMUNE ESSENTIALS PACK and save 20% off the normal retail price!

AMALAKI is a nutrient-rich fruit renowned for its powerful anti-oxidant, natural immune system boosting properties + exceptionally high vitamin C content:

Famed for its energising, immune boosting + anti-oxidant properties, ASTRAGALUS helps to protect the body against physical, mental and/or emotional stress:

With its ability to ease anxiety, calm the nervous system + clear the mind, CHRYSANTHEMUM is also brimming with beta carotene + vitamin C, and enhances the immune system:

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PACKAGED in 3 x 30ml amber bottles with glass droppers.

DOSAGE is 5-10 drops under the tongue, or in any suitable liquid, twice daily, although this may vary according to the individual and his / her condition.


SPAGYRIC TINCTURES offer a more energetically complete herb or plant extraction. These concentrated extractions contain the three essentials – that is, the body, soul and spirit – of the herb or plant, purified and recombined in an exalted medicinal form. The spagyric technique is part of the ancient initiatic tradition of alchemy – the Art that lies at the heart of the inner traditions of the West.

Ordinary herbal tinctures only partially utilise the curative powers of the plants from which they are prepared. Spagyric tinctures are made according to unique processes which ‘open’ the plant or herb and liberate stronger curative powers. The spagyric technique of confecting herbal remedies embodies another – more synergistic – way of considering Nature and its powers.


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Disclaimer: Information presented here is intended for educational purposes only. Such information has not been evaluated by the FDA (or similar regulatory agencies) and is not intended to diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent disease. Individual results may vary. Before ingesting any spagyric tinctures it is advisable to consult with your health care provider.