GARLIC spagyric tincture - alchemically enhanced plant extraction

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GARLIC has been employed for thousands of years to prevent illness and treat ailments. Garlic has anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-biotic, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, and anti-septic properties. Garlic boosts the immune system, lowers cholesterol levels and blood pressure, and regulates the cardiovascular system and blood sugar. In addition to preventing the body from ‘aging on the inside’, the anti-oxidant properties of garlic protect the skin and slow skin aging. Garlic can reduce inflammation of the stomach and intestine, including candida yeast. In this context garlic works to preserve and boost the good bacteria of the digestive system while destroying ‘unfriendly’ bacteria. Effective against a wide range of conditions – from colds, sore throat and respiratory infections to cardiovascular disease and diabetes – garlic is considered a ‘superfood’ by many.


MATERIALS: Fresh herb, ethyl alcohol, distilled water, purified plant body. Packaged in a 30ml amber bottle with glass dropper.

DOSAGE is 5-10 drops under the tongue, or in any suitable liquid, twice daily, although this may vary according to the individual and his / her condition.

SHIPS worldwide from South-East Asia. Ready to ship in 1-3 business days.


SPAGYRIC TINCTURES offer a more energetically complete herb or plant extraction. These concentrated extractions contain the three essentials – that is, the body, soul and spirit – of the herb or plant, purified and recombined in an exalted medicinal form. The spagyric technique is part of the ancient initiatic tradition of alchemy – the Art that lies at the heart of the inner traditions of the West.

Ordinary herbal tinctures only partially utilise the curative powers of the plants from which they are prepared. Spagyric tinctures are made according to unique processes which ‘open’ the plant or herb and liberate stronger curative powers. The spagyric technique of confecting herbal remedies embodies another – more synergistic – way of considering Nature and its powers.



The closest thing to a cure for the common cold that I have ever experienced! Having tried it, my family won't be without it. Thank you!
— Usha Dhar (Ontario, Canada)

“I love the garlic [spagyric] tincture! I take a small amount daily but whenever I feel a cold coming on or start to get achy muscles I increase the amount to combat any illness! I add the increased amount to a glass of red wine and sip ... and I have not been sick!”
— Shelly Bivins (Austin, Texas, USA)

“About 10 days ago everyone started to get sick – everybody at my office except for me, some mean flu type of thing that brought everyone down for 24 hours and then took a few nasty days to recover from. The first day someone got sick I started using spagyric tincture of garlic, 10 drops twice a day. I had one day where I could feel something trying to take hold but it didn't. Not a single day off of work or training!”
— Seb Cursley (Bangkok, Thailand)

“A toast to Mare Maia garlic tincture, Thank you for keeping me well and strong while those around me come down with everything under the Sun. Just a few drops of the tincture when things are not feeling right returns me to wholeness. Blessings to Marissa Newell and Paul Hardacre for your knowledge and for sharing this ancient art with us all. I look forward to my tincture of Artemis arriving!”
— Dalia Mikhail (Brisbane, Australia)

“I have two small kids and an underperforming immune system, so whenever they get sick, I get sick. Until I got some Mare Maia spagyric tincture of garlic, of which I now take 7-10 drops two to three times a day as soon as I start feeling under the weather. So far I have successfully averted two or three colds.”
— Gernot Huber (Chiang Mai, Thailand)

“After battling with preventing my body from catching a bad cold from my daughter by taking plenty of vitamin C and echinacea for about a week, my body lost and turned into a full blown cold, continuous flow of mucous and teary eyes. I then turned to garlic spagyric tincture and followed the instructions [for acute illness] of 10 drops four to five times a day. Within 48 hours the continuous flow of mucous cleared. A good day’s rest also helped and I was back on track by the fourth day. It was just what my body needed to kill the cold. Thank you Mare Maia.”
— Lamorna Cheesman (Chiang Mai, Thailand)

“My blood pressure was too high and the doctor told me to take a daily tablet. But at a certain moment I started to eat garlic in large quantity hoping it would help. There was a little improvement but not enough to stop taking tablets. But then, knowing Paul and Marissa, and knowing what and how they were doing, I saw the spagyric tincture of garlic as something that could solve my medical problems and that, at the same time, could fit into my idea of balance in the life. With my great satisfaction after three weeks of tincture my blood pressure has just arrived at a normal value … the garlic tincture is part of the overall wellbeing of a balanced organism because all the organs interact and if one of them is in good condition all the other rejoice.”
– Elio de Carolis (Chiang Mai, Thailand)

“On 26th August my blood pressure was 175/101. On 18th October it was 139/80. My blood pressure was very high in the first reading. Spagyric tincture of garlic drops twice a day and now it’s totally normal and that’s after cardio (which will raise it).”
— Seb Cursley (Bangkok, Thailand)


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Disclaimer: Information presented here is intended for educational purposes only. Such information has not been evaluated by the FDA (or similar regulatory agencies) and is not intended to diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent disease. Individual results may vary. Before ingesting any spagyric tinctures it is advisable to consult with your health care provider.