DREAM TIME PACK: Blue Lotus, Wild Asparagus Root and Sleep Sweet Blend

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Enjoy deeper, longer-lasting sleep + more vivid and lucid dreams with the renowned ‘dream herb’ BLUE LOTUS: https://www.maremaia.com/product/blue-lotus-spagyric-tincture-alchemically-enhanced-plant-extraction

Amongst the most powerful oneirogens + one of the ‘Three Treasures’ of Taoism, WILD ASPARAGUS ROOT has been powerfully enhancing dreams since time immemorial: https://www.maremaia.com/product/wild-asparagus-root-spagyric-tincture-alchemically-enhanced-plant-extraction

Our SLEEP SWEET BLEND of German chamomile, lemon balm, lemon grass, peppermint + holy basil offers the best in qualitative sleep enhancement: https://www.maremaia.com/product/sleep-sweet-blend-spagyric-tincture-alchemically-enhanced-plant-extraction


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